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Kapai Puku No. 1 Skin Health takes our powerful, delicious tasting Tribal Blend to a new level!


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Kapai Puku No. 1 Skin Health takes our powerful, delicious tasting Tribal Blend to a new level!

It’s a nutrient-dense high-fibre blend, containing essential fatty acids, protein, zinc, and magnesium, enhanced with Wattle seeds, Ginseng, Monk Fruit and one of the strongest antioxidants on the market, raw cacao (1).  If you love your morning coffee then you’ll love this blend.  It has a bitter Cacao taste to start and ends with a slight lingering of a nutty, sweet and coffee flavour left from the cocoa and wattle seeds.

Cacao has been shown to be one of the best antioxidants on the market.  Antioxidants are compounds that help to neutralise free radicals and prevent cellular damage within the body.  Poor diet, lifestyle and other environmental factors such as pollution all contribute to increased free radical damage in our bodies.  Free radicals react with our cell membranes and can lead to inflammation, cell damage and/or destruction.  Cacao has also been found to be high in Magnesium, the ‘relaxation’ mineral, and also compounds associated with mood enhancement.

We have included Ginseng into our Kapai Puku No. 1 Skin Health mix for its adaptogenic nature.  We have carefully selected the Siberian Ginseng as it uniquely has an active ingredient called eleuthero-sides which may stimulate the immune system.  In today’s fast paced, high-stress world, adaptogens such as Ginseng are a fantastic way to help the body to restore itself to health and balance.  It helps with this as well as in improving mental and physical performance, general wellbeing, ability to withstand stress and exhaustion and increasing energy by reducing fatigue and the effects of stress on body and mind.

Wattle-seeds were used in times of drought as a food source by the Australian Aboriginals.  Wattle-seeds contain potassium, calcium, iron and zinc in fairly high concentrations.  With a low glycaemic index, they are good for diabetics, providing a steady stream of sugars that do not produce sudden rises in blood glucose levels.

(1)     Cacao has been shown to be the most antioxidant-rich food in the world. Its powder contains an ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) score of 95,500 µmol per 100g, while cacao nibs contain a lower but still impressive 62,100 µmol per 100g. To put these numbers in perspective, goji berries (the highest non-cacao source of antioxidants) score 25,300, acai berries score 18,500, and blueberries – famous for their antioxidant content – score 2,400.  http://www.naturalnews.com/042036_cacao_superfood_antioxidants.html

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Some of the benefits others have observed after adding Kapai Puku to their diet include:

  • Regular bowel movements
  • Increased energy levels
  • Less bloating
  • Stronger, healthier looking hair and nails
  • Lose excess weight (When eaten in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet)
  • Clear skin
  • Reduced cravings
  • Satisfy sugar cravings
Sulphur Dioxide Free, Vegan Friendly, Diabetic Friendly, FODMAPs friendly, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, GMO Free and **Nut Free.


**Whilst our No. 1 Skin Health does not contain nuts, it may have been packaged on equipment that handles tree nuts.

Buckwheat, Sunflower Kernels, Linseeds, Sesame Seeds, Cacao, Pumpkin Seeds, Millet Seeds Chia Seeds, Poppyseeds, Wattle Seeds, Natural Sun Dried Raisins Sulphate Free, Ginseng and Monk Fruit Powder.

Here are some easy ways to start introducing Kapai Puku to your diet.

  • Eat straight from the packet
  • Mix it with your favourite cereal or yoghurt
  • Soak overnight and wake up to a delicious Bircher style breakfast or snack
  • Blend in smoothies
  • Sprinkle over salads and cooked meals

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Kapai Puku proudly supports the Sea Shepherd who guard our precious endangered sea life.

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